SUPERMARKET│Haul Maastricht


On Easter Monday we spent the day as a family which is something that does not happen very often. Sure, we spent time together at home, but it rarely is spent with the entire group when we are out and about. Seeing as everyone has work, study or other things to keep them occupied in their own time, it is quite nice that on this day we spent the day together. It just so happens that SUPERMARKET in Maastricht was held on Easter Monday. Noted as "the lifestyle market of Maastricht" it offers a chance for creative people and small-business or online shop owners to put their products on display for the public. It was not so long ago that I saw this series of market events on my social media and had been meaning to attend. Easter Monday seemed the perfect fit. 

I love the "concept store" or "pop-up" store idea and have a browse around whenever I come across a similar type of store or market stall wherever I am at that moment. So when I saw that there were some stalls that were in the same direction, I was immediately pleased. My weakness? Cards. Whether it is stocking up on fun birthday cards for when I am out of inspiration to create one myself, or cards that please me with a design, quote, or imagery, I always end up with at least one card. More places to look obviously meant more cards, because my brain seems to work like that.

The two cards at the top were given to me by my mom and has these cute fun little characters on it. The design is by I am YapYap and the stall was by Uit 't Noorden. On the left we have a landscape image from the North Sea by Ricarda Grothey from her own stall eyecomm. Nearing the bottom we have this colourful card with a cat by Kaartje of Kip and the stall was Wildling. I gifted it as a birthday card to a friend of mine  yesterday. Coming full circle, there are two birthday cards by Van Mariel - not sure if that was the shop as well, but I also got the big bag with geometric design by House Doctor from the same stall as well.

It is an entertaining market to check out with what I bet with a range of different stalls each time. Food was also part of the SUPERMARKET with food trucks outside and an array of food market stalls among the lifestyle ones. A nice combination. It was quite packed with people so I did not get a chance to capture a lot of it, but with activities for the children and acts playing on a little stage, I can see something in there for everyone that would like to have a look around.



Quarterly Faves I


In the past I would post little updates on the blog called "Bits & Bobs" where I would basically ramble about some of the things that I had done or was enjoying around that time. It was an easy way for me to blab on about whatever was going on in my life without dedicating an entire blogpost on one particular subject. I do think that I want to bring those back whenever I feel like chatting to you guys as this space is and remains my little diary of sorts.

Quarterly Faves - Introducing a new series to the blog. With the "Bits & Bobs" framework in mind, I introduce you to my three monthly favourites. I'm not the type of person who can share new favourites each month as many bloggers do, simply because I do not come into contact with a lot of new and exciting things each month. That being said, I do want to share more than the big favourites' series as my round-up of each year. So, I've come up with a compromise. To the first of many faves!

If you're here for makeup, then the first thing that'll have caught your eye would be the Ultra Contour Palette by Makeup Revolution. It's what has become part of my daily makeup routine and is what I use to shape my face with. Since this brand has hit the stores in the Netherlands I have been quite excited and have kept an eye on new products being added. Thus, I was pleased to see that once i t did, it included this powder contour palette containing three contour shades, three highlighting shades, and two baked highlighters. On an everyday basis I use the yellow powder to set my undereye area, a mix of some of the contour shades to create a more angular shape to my face, and the right highlighting shade along with the warmer highlighter to, well,  highlight.

Suprisingly, I have been enjoying not one but two new blushers. I would considering myself more of a shaping and bronzing kind of girl over a lover of blush, but that clearly wasn't the case in the last three months. The bigger blush on the top is a blusher by Primark and is a nice warm dark hue of pink to apply to the cheeks. The smaller and more recently purchased blusher is another Makeup Revolution product, the Vivid Baked Blush in Make Love Instead - a gorgeous baked highlighting blush that perfectly fits the warmer months ahead.

Finishing the makeup part of this post with two products that I have been reaching for constantly are both from HEMA. Last year I found a new love for HEMA beauty products and it has not stopped since. The Soft Matte Lipbalm of the beauty range has been something I was intrigued to try, but had not before due to the colours not being up my street. That was until the new shades came out including the HEMA Soft Matte Lipbalm in 11 - a very on trend Kylie Jenner type of nude shade that I am in love with. Despite it being a lip balm, it lasts quite long on the lips and because of it being one, it doesn't dry out the lips.

The one thing when is comes to my complexion (besides an oily skin and large pores) that I would say bothers me is the darkness or tired-looking undereye area. The yellow powder has been an effective new way to brighten it up, but I have also tried colour correcting and for this I used the HEMA Undereye Concealer in 85. I was a bit hesitant at first, but thought to give an orange concealer to colour correct a go, and I like it. I pop a bit of this right a the inner corner and drag it down and also apply a bit right on the lowest point on the outer edge if I get really tired the colours of the veins underneath this area stand out. Once applied and patted down, I apply my normal concealer over it and use the yellow powder from the contour palette to set. Done!

I've included a fragrance as it is the one I am using daily at the moment - Primark Eau De Parfum in 02 New York. It is a nice and fresh scent. My mom and I spotted it a couple of months back but could only find the little roller ball tubes to take with you in your bag when I really wanted a larger amount of the fragrance to spray so as not to run out of it so fast. The trip thereafter was a success and it's going to last me quite a while even though I do use it every single day.

With putting makeup on in the morning comes getting the makeup off in the evening. I'll admit, I am quite lazy with taking my makeup off, but have found these products being very easy to use. This doesn't mean I sleep with my makeup, I take it off every night. I just do not have an extensive routine. I am talking about the Cleansing Lotion and Cleansing Milk of Puravita by Zarqa. Spotted  these at the newly opened Big Bazar in Heerlen and as with the undereye concealer thought why not give it a go. Starting with the cleansing milk and a bit of water I apply and massage this into the skin and rinse it with water after which I use the lotion on a cotton pad to get rid of the last residue. My skin feels clean and soft afterwards and although I do not use it every night, I like to use this when I am not so lazy.

Moving on to the more lifestyle bits, I got a new headphone to listen to music when I am out and about. I like the funky colour kind of matches my hair but what I love most about this Skullcandy Lowrider On-Ear Mic1 is how travel-friendly it is. The cable is detachable and includes a pause/play button serving a double-function to answer phone calls. The headphone itself is entirely foldable and therefore easy to take with your for when you are travelling.

A series I have been hooked on is The Magicians by SyFy. Based on the trilogy Magicians by Lev Grossman, this fantasy television series follows the life of Quentin Coldwater, a graduate student who since being a kid has been obsessed with a series of fantasy novels and whose life gets turned upside down when he's enrolled into Brakebills, a secret college of magic. I am a sucker for anything fantasy-like, and have been really enjoying the first season of the Magicians. The season finale will air upcoming week but the series has already been approved for a second season which is great! The fact that it is centered on a group of students who are more my age gives a lot more freedom to real-life problems they are dealing with and I especially like the darker tone to this as opposed to more teenager-friendly shows. If you have been following my Twitter or Tumblr you know that there is one scene in particular that is my fave and that is in episode four.

Another series that I binge-watched in maybe two or three evenings is The Shannara Chronicles by MTV. Again it is based on a fantasy novel series Shannara by Terry Brooks, and shows the journey of Will, Amberle, and Eretria who are on a quest to protect the dying Ellcrys, a tree that keeps the demons banished from the Four Lands. Filmed in New Zealand it offers an amazing scenery to the series and although it is more romanticized and foretelling than the previous mentioned series, it's still great to see.

A quick but equally important item to include in this first part of my Quarterly Faves' series is the fact that I got my hands on a Friday ticket for Pinkpop. Tickets are still available for all days I believe so if you are interested in who's coming check out my blogpost or the official website. For me, I am quite excited for what I already know will be a great day with friends and music!



Monthly Music


Today's post is not my usual Monthly Music post where I share some tunes I have been listening to in the previous month. Firstly, because it is usually featured right after my Foodies' Fun. Secondly, and more importantly, because I have hit another bump with creating playlists to share with you. If you have been following this blog of mine for quite a while, I have been wanting to share music pretty much since I have started this blog. Music is something I truly enjoy and seeing as it is such an inherent part of my life what better way than to share it on my own little blog. Problems arose way back when, figuring out what music player app was best to use on my phone to keep track of the songs I was listening to. Once that was done it was time for step two, creating the playlist to put on the blog. The online platform 8tracks was the one I tried out first but with some limitations I could not get around working with - not the biggest catalogue and only able to add a max of 2 songs of the same artist within a playlist when I love an album or artist during a particular month there just is no getting away from it - and instead just use it to listen to other playlists. So I tried something new, Podsnack. Again an online platform working just fine for quite some time, but when I tried to create a new playlist, regulations were updated and I was over the maximum free playlists. Now, whilst I try to figure out a new way to implement this segment into my blog, I did want to share just a couple of tracks I have put on repeat during March. Is this maybe a way to transform my Monthly Music posts? What about Spotify playlists? Suggestions are more than welcome!



Foodies' Fun

Hello! I feel like I always start these monthly recaps the same so let's skip the intro and move straight onto the food!

When it comes to preparing food my mom has really been in a mood lately of trying new things. Over time I have collected these little recipe cards that can be found at different supermarkets as a source of inspiration. A full drawer with all kinds of recipes to try when I got my own place was the reason behind it, but why not make use of the recipes now. Some of these you have seen in previous Foodies' Fun posts, but obviously that has not been the only source of inspiration. Example in question is the spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken found on Facebook.

The photos above and below might seem familiar as I featured these delicious treats in a blogpost not too long ago. At Piece of Cake in Maastricht, my mom, sis, and I delighted ourselves with a cake of some sort could've easily said a piece of cake but that pun would be too obvious still it's in here now and mine was the Dried Cherry Pistache cupcake.

The other stop in Maastricht was at The Cookie Club and I know for sure I will be visiting this shop more in the future. Just look at all those cookie bits! My fave of this bunch? The lemon bar - though the caramel shortbread and blondie were pretty amazing as well.

Dinner displayed on the coffee table usually means quick and easy to make bites to enjoy whilst watching TV together. This salad feta and beetroot salad is a new fave of mine. Incredibly fresh. I could not stop eating it and  had almost finished it all. 

Another dish of that same evening that will be a staple in the household are these cooked potatoes with rosemary, thyme, garlic, and olive oil.  What an exciting flavour combination to otherwise dull cooked potatoes.

And last but certainly not least the crown jewel in my opinion at least this beef sandwich. Topped my Italian bread with a layer of mustard, added the dressing combination and a few pieces of beef and all done.

The annual St. Joep market was also part of March and although it was more a browse around kind of market for me this year, we did made a stop at a Greek restaurant, Dafne. Look at those amazingly big prawns. Well-seasoned and already peeled - a big plus.

That right there is a big slice of 'Fries Suikerbrood' or a Dutch sugar loaf and besides Christmas perfectly fits Easter in my opinion. The sweet but airy loaf of bread to accompany your coffee or cup of tea. Yes!

I have been on the lookout for filled waffles ever since I went along with my parents to the Sunday market in Liege, Belgium. One stand had these amazing waffles filled with all kinds of fruit and marmalade goodness. My fave? The pudding or cream-filled ones. Seeing the photo above, you already know we got our hands on it again. Although smaller in size, but a lot easier to access - the local market. Guess they have been always sold out whenever we went to the local market but I will me making sure to get more of these whenever I can. 

No Easter without a Cadbury Creme Egg, right? Introduced to me by Lizzy, a good friend of mine, it is something that I now inherently relate to Easter. Not a big fan of chocolate, but I do make an exception for these. The fact that they're mini ones made it that much easier to devour.

Happy Sunday!