Foodies' Fun

I know, I know...two weeks ago I skipped a Sunday of blogging and now I am late. Spending more time outdoors either at work or enjoying the weather means less laptop time and even then it usually involves winding down with my "personal TV" before heading to bed. Blogging has been a bit low on the list of priorities, but that doesn't mean it's completely gone. On the contrary! Last week I have been to 's-Hertogenbosch or Den Bosch with my parents and as usual I took a lot of snaps...with my new camera! Oh yes, after years of wanting a proper camera, I am now the proud owner of a Sony NEX-3N. Yes, I am still trying to work my way around it, but it felt good taking my camera out like a proper tourist in my own country no matter how silly that sounds. So, come back at the end of this week if you want to see some of those photos I took in Den Bosch. Okay, a longer intro than I expected to write so let's get down to business...

Funnily enough the first photo that I took that is either food or drink related are these nachos with four dips that was part of the cocktail evening in Aachen with my sister, her boyfriend, my mother, and I. In retrospect, June has had quite a number of cocktail evenings - it must be the summer months.

Behold my Bacardi Razz Mojito with sweeties as is the staple in Aachen.

My mom, brother, sister and I visited Venlo and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. My dish? Tortellini filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, walnuts, and a creamy sauce. 

When I visit the shop Action I always keep an eye out for the 100% drinks of mixed fruit. This time they had alleged mini-me versions - a three-pack that is easy to carry with you and of course I had to take some home. Coincidently I am currently drinking the full size 100% Cherry-Oh-Baby that includes cherries, grapes, and pomegranate. 

From mixed fruit juices to a cheeky menu from McDonald's. What can I say, I haven't had it in a while, and yes I do like it so why not?

They say that when it's hot outside, drinking tea and eating hot food is good for you. This typical Dutch dish fits nicely with this - mashed potatoes, sausage and gravy, and green beans.

Berlinerbol! Is all I can say. So good!

Around this time of the month (in the third week of June) I was visiting Aranka, a good friend of mine, in Leuven where I was shown all the sights and what a lovely city it is. 

Besides sightseeing, we obviously had our fair share of food and drinks including the chili con carne wrap seen above and these festive drinks with different fruits as opposed to sweets.

I also enjoyed a panini with goat cheese for lunch the next day...

And an amazing banana ice coffee at the Coffee Cafe that had a complete menu of awesome ice coffees such as the chocolate chip cookie my friend ordered. If you want to see more of Leuven, click here to see my blogpost about it.

June is also the month of celebrations with my mom's and stepfather's birthday as well as Father's Day. Celebrating Father's Day and our mom's birthday on the same day wouldn't be a celebration without some sort of cake. My sister took it took the next level by bringing home this chocolate mousse cake.

Bagels for breakfast! I love bagels and enjoyed them immensely this time with steak tartare and finely chopped onions.

My mom got one of these for my to try out - it's a new brand and type of ice tea that is available at the supermarkets. Pure Leaf is made of real tea and this raspberry flavoured one sure was refreshing.

This is a "lazy dinner" according to my mom as it hardly needs any preparation, but doesn't this look good?!

Yes, yes, I will show you what apparently is THE Bossche Bol - the treat 's-Hertogenbosch is known for. Even though I only had a small piece of this - we ordered it for my mom - it was amazing. Jan de Groot you did a great job.

Aaand that's it for this Foodies' Fun! As said before, stay tuned until the end of this week if you want to see Den Bosch. Due to the schedule mishap there will be no Monthly Music this month, but if you are interested I have mostly been listening to two albums and these are Aventine by Agnes Obel - when I needed some calmness in my life - and Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons. Until next time!



Back from...│Leuven

Last week I took the Sunday off from blogging, simply because I was in the mood for a very lazy day, but also because I couldn't find a topic or inspiration to blog about. Typing this up as I go, today is a day filled with celebrations. Next to Father's Day - Happy Father's Day! - it is also my mothers birthday and we are all getting ready to go out for dinner at a supposedly good Italian restaurant in Heerlen - Il Castello. With an hour left to go before we head off I still wanted to make this post for you, sharing some photos I took whilst I was in Leuven for two days to visit a good friend of mine who is finishing up her studies at the university there. I am so glad we had the best weather of the week whilst we were there, so take a look at the lovely city that is Leuven.

The infamous pierced bug

Lunch at de Pasv!te with so many baguette options it was hard to choose

Look at the details!
Pick and Mix from Olleke Bolleke - such a cute name

We went all the way up that hill

Dinner at DeWerf - fresh mint tea and a chili con carne wrap

Dille & Kamille - a shop I've never heard of with all kinds of little trinkets
Delicious ice coffees at Coffee Cafe - mine was with banana - and I quite like the details such as the coffee grinders on the wall

Before ending this post, I have a small request. A couple of my friends and I are currently planning a small roadtrip along Bruges, Dunkirk, and Lille - places I have never visited before - and I thought what better way to find out what to see and do by asking you guys! So, if you know someone or have ever visited these places and areas surrounding it and have some tips, please share in the comment section below. See you next week!



Currently Loving│Sleek Face Contour Kit

It happened...I exchanged one of my favourite makeup products - the Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder for Darker Skin by Catrice Cosmetics that I use for contouring - for the Face Contour Kit in 884 Light by Sleek MakeUP.

Finding products for your skin type and tone is always difficult no matter what you have. In my case, with my combination skin (sensitive, oily, but sometimes dry patches), medium skin tone, and on a budget, base makeup products are always a tricky thing. Concealer is definitely one that is hard to find, but finding the right contour shade is also on that list. I remember the first product I used for shaping my skin was a summer bronzer by either Catrice or Essence and it included glitter. Thinking I could work my way around it, since I was happy to finally find something that wasn't too light or straight up muddy orangey brown, I used it frequently until someone noticed the random glitter on my face one day. Now, although drugstore makeup brands still do not cover a wide range of different skin tones, there is more variety than there was before. Enter the Sun Glow powder by Catrice. I absolutely love this product, it being matt, and more suitable for my skin tone, but as with most (drugstore) products for darker skin types it has red/orange untertones. Sure, I can work with it, but it would be a lot more convenient if I would find a more cooler or ashier product. I must have gone through three or four of these over a couple of years and I've already hit pan with my latest one as well so it is and has been one of my favourite products as you can also see in my annual favourites here and here.

Nevertheless I am always on the lookout and one day decided to venture into a powder highlighter for the face as well. Ah yes, now we are coming to the good part. Spending a day in Heerlen with the goal to find a highlighter that would suit me as well as have a proper look around for a better suitable contour powder, I found the Sleek Face Contour Kit at the V&D and it was a winner. This small "sleek" (yes, I went there) black travel-size compact with mirror consists of a divided pan with a bigger section on the left with the contouring shade and a smaller section on the right with the highlighting shade. Clever enough I brought my bronzing powder by Catrice with me to compare, and suprisingly found out that even the lightest option of the kits was darker than the powder I was using to shape my face with. And I was a lot more on the cooler side. Win-win! The highlighter is a glowing shimmer in an golden apricot shade - that's the best way I can describe it - and blends in nicely with my skin tone. The Sleek Face Contour Kit (€8,50) is more expensive compared to the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder (€3,99) and it seems stupid to spend the extra euros, but the shade compliments my skin tone a lot more and you get two products in one. On top of this I have noticed that a little goes a long way due to the pigmentation of the Sleek kit.

On the left you see me without having used the Face Contour Kit and on the right I have both the contouring and highlighting shade on. I apologize for the difference in lighting, whilst taking photos the sun suddenly decided to shine brightly which I of course cannot complain about as I do love a bit of sun. After about a month or so of using this products I can truly say it is a new favourite of mine. It's easy for travelling, compact for storing, goes on really well and blends nicely. Have you tried this product?



Monthly Music

Hello lovely people! Here's my musical recap of the month of May. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Agnes Obel - Pass Them By
Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out
The Outfield - I Don't Want To Lose Your Love Tonight
√Ānders - You Didn't Need My Love
Silversun Pickups - There's No Secrets This Year
Paolo Nutini - Scream (Funk My Life Up)
Placebo - Running Up That Hill
The Mispers - Weekend
Imagine Dragons - Dreams
Death Cab For Cutie - Steadier Footing
Imagine Dragons Battle Cry