Foodies' Fun

You guys, it is almost June! How is that even possible...insane! This month's Foodies' Fun consists of more dishes and treats whilst being out and about including two food truck festivals that I was happy to attend. I have never been to one, and suddenly it's two in one month, Rrrollend Nijmegen - which you can see in this post about my time in Nijmegen - and TREK in Maastricht.

  • Let's kick things off with breakfast! Sunshine means delicious fruits are available such as strawberries which I have enjoyed plenty of in the month of May. How about some strawberries on toast...
  • First time ordering food via JustEat at the local Chinese. We haven't had proper Chinese take-away in a while, and it was so good. 
  • Needing some alone time to think about things, I had a stop at the department store V&D to enjoy a fresh mint tea.
  • Or how about strawberries for lunch? Say, with granola and yoghurt...
  • A fresh macaroni salad and baguette with ham as a quick bite to eat before heading to work. 
  • Rice, pineapple, a salad, cucumber, and shaslick for dinner on a nice sunny day.
  • Well, will you look at that! Even more fruit with, you guessed it, strawberries. 
  • They may not look very nice, but these triple chocolate cookies were the bomb and I am not even a chocoholic! Thanks to ViviannaDoesMakeup and Tanya Burr who shared this recipe.
  • In my latest Bits & Bobs I quickly told you about my trip to Aachen which also included this fresh creamcheese spreaded giant soft pretzel. I want moree.
  • Of course I couldn't leave Aachen without bringing some Aachener Printen home with me. 
  • I also told you about my trip to Liège, ending with a visit at Happy Italy. Just look at this dish...delicious.
  • Pizza time! Pollo - chicken - this time; one I haven't had for myself before, but it was gooood.
  • Some sweets and treats from a trip to Maastricht with my mom. Propercorn's mix of sweet and salty goodness was something I just had to try as a lover of both and oh my god this is divine. I thought it would be a mix of salted and sweet popcorn but each individual popped corn is both! Along with the popcorn I also had to try this strawberry cheesecake lollilop - like hello how could I not -  and Skittles in dessert flavours. Yum!
  • The next day I went back to Maastricht for the TREK food truck festival and knowing I would be enjoying different dishes once I got there, I opted for a quick and easy on the stomache lunch - a fruit salad of watermelon and apple. I love it when the weather gets better, because you know, watermelon.
  • At the TREK festival my friend Aranka and I shared a tortilla mix with nachos and beef whilst we were waiting for...
  • Our naan bread with lamb curry which was well worth waiting for.
  • And topped it off with a waffle with Nutella and banana. 
  • Here we are in the last weekend of May where I just had to make dinner for myself on Saturday. I opted for noodles with ground beef, paprika, mushrooms, onion, carrots, garlic and a whole lot of different spices and I wished I'd made more. Success!


Bits & Bobs


For those who follow my blog, yes I am a day late with posting but since it is a long weekend for most people I allowed myself a day extra before publishing another post. These past couple of days I have spent mostly away from home, leaving laptop time to a minimum. I do not know why, but lately I have the urge to just be out of the house on the days when I am not at work. It might be the weather that is brightening up the days and the temperature rising ever so slightly, although we just had rain so I could be wrong. It might also be that I just want to make the most of my days off, keeping my YouTube and TV series marathons for the evenings. So yes, I have been here and there starting with a trip by myself to Aachen on Thursday.

Aachen is a city I have been meaning to visit in a while now, that is when the city is in full motion. Sure, I have spent a few days and evenings in Aachen but it was either for going out, grab a Starbucks, have dinner, or on a school trip. One time I went with my sister, mother, and stepfather, only to realize upon arrival that it was a national holiday, meaning everything was closed. Still, we wandered around, looked at buildings, and did a bit of sight-seeing which was fun. So, on Thursday I decided to go by bus - trains were unavailable due to a strike - and enjoy Aachen. For beauty lovers drugstores such as DM and ROSSMANN in Germany are a must-see, price and quality-wise. Obviously, I treated myself with a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks (I rarely have something from Starbucks as the one in Aachen is the nearest one) when the sun was shining brightly and I also took home some Aachener Printen from Nobis as a souvenir. Other unknown shops I was amazed with were Butlers, a home accessoires and gift shop, the Listmann shop for all things arts and crafts, and the ultimate bookshop of four floors - Mayersche.

On Friday, my mom suggested we'd go to Eindhoven to visit the Primark, but with my brother coming home early for work and my sister and her boyfriend wanting to do something as well we all took a trip by car to the Médiacité in Liège - the first place where we visited Primark a couple years back. The Primark in the Médiacité used to exist of one floor for women, men, and children's clothing, but now has a floor extra. On the top floor the men and children department can be found, leaving an entire floor for its main target group. I didn't leave Primark with a lot of things, but am very happy with the four staple pieces I got consisting of a long skirt with two cuts at the side going half-way up the skirt; a long slim jacket to dress up any outfit to throw on in the Summer evenings; a stripey blouse as a nice basic sophisticated option; and a sleeveless black throw-on. There is also a cute Danish shop called ZigZag 123 with cute things as candle holders of which I got two to organize my lip pencils and eyeliners. Of course, I could not visit the Médiacité without a smoothie from Guapa and opted for the Fresa Fresca with strawberries, pear, apple, and fresh mint. A short but nice trip ending with dinner at Happy Italy in Kerkrade. 

Saturday was a work day for me, but on Sunday I visited the jumble sale in Ten Esschen with my mom and my stepfather. You never know what to expect from a jumble sale, and my mom loves to look around. Since I didn't feel the need of sorting out the stuff in my room that I had set up for reorganization I went along and it was nice to walk around. We were even thinking of maybe setting up a stall of our own in the future since we have quite some clothing and other stuff laying around that otherwise will be thrown away.

Monday has arrived, or shall we say another Sunday? I finished reorganizing my stuff last night - except my wardrobe but that is for another time - and am currently typing this post up. Not being sure of the weather or whether anything would be open, the day slowly turned into a lazy day at home. Guess after I publish this, I'll pick a film to watch or try to catch up on YouTube with sate as part of my dinner in a couple of hours. How have your days been lately? Are you enjoying a long weekend as well?



Braderie Hoensbroek│Haul

Thursday the 14th of May was Ascension Day, meaning the annual market and fair in Hoensbroek was about to take place. I haven't been able to visit the alleged biggest market and fair in the south of the Netherlands for two years or so and with a clear schedule ahead I took a stroll through Hoensbroek with my parents. Of course we didn't come home empty handed - being among other things now a happy sleeper with a brand new extremely fluffy pillow - and here are some of the bits that I got as well as the ones that were in particular interest to me. 

At home as well as at some of my friends' houses we love to play the karaoke-like game SingStar on the Playstation 2 and 3. As these games are no longer a current "hot" game, it is a bit more difficult to collect the editions you don't have. Of course the online Singstore is also available where you can buy themed packs of five songs or purchase single songs, but in my opinion you always get a lot more use out of the physical SingStar editions. There were two or three stands that offered second-handed games for different consoles and upon browsing through the first stand my mom and I found three we didn't have yet. On the left in the photo above you can see the Disney Sing It edition, a fun edition my mom wanted to add and although it doesn't include a list of songs on the back you can see Hannah Montana and actors of High School Musical on the front. Guess we will have to see how this works out, but probably fun to do with friends, laughing out loud of not being able to reach the high-pitched voices. Next up is the SingStar Motown edition, right up our street with songs by Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Commodores, and The Supremes to just name a few. Lastly, there is the first edition of the SingStar for the Playstation 3, an edition I am familiar with as my friends have this same edition. Think Britney Spears, Gorillaz, Blink 182, Radiohead, The Killers, and so on and you know it is going to be a good one. 

I also scored some makeup, namely by the brand W7 - a brand mostly found  here in knick knack stores such as Big Bazaar, but are worth looking into giving great dupes for the Urban Decay palettes for instance. One stall had quite a collection of W7 items and since we were almost at the end of the route, I purchased quite a few items. I got two palettes from W7's natural nudes line in In The City and In The Mood who I will be reviewing in the future once I have been able to properly use them. Next I also got three of their Lip Twister lipliners in a nude, pink, and red shade that you can see swatched in the photo above, as well as a makeup fixer or setting spray since I am running out of the Douglas one and I know that with the Summer months coming ahead I will be reaching for again. All in all, quite a good haul if I do say so myself. How did you spend your day on Ascension Day?



Strolling through Nijmegen

This weekend I went to lovely Nijmegen. On Friday a couple of friends and I travelled to Nijmegen in the late afternoon only to be accompanied later with several others of our group of friends to celebrate the birthday of one of us, Bonnie. With still a bit of time left before the others would arrive, the three of us went into the city centre and made a quick stop at Primark. Surely, it was only to look at some presents for Mother's Day, but hey when I get to visit Primark I don't walk out the shop with empty hands. Yet, I contained myself and now have two tops - one three-quarter length black shirt with white stripes and a grey sweater with a white mesh back and a white collar - and a pair of Bambi socks to add to my wardrobe. As it was already past six o'clock we started to get hungry and it so happens that there was a travelling foodtruck festival - Rrrollend Nijmegen. We all opted for Thai chicken curry and it was sooo good. I didn't think I would be full, but it was very fulfilling and I really want to try to make it at home. Once the group was complete we were off on a stroll through Nijmegen - from the city to the quay to the park and back to the city centre to enter cafe Moenen and enjoy some wine. 

It was a very fun and relaxed evening, talking and laughing with friends. It was also nice to see some of Nijmegen, a city I travelled to twice before but never really discovered. The next day it was back to the city centre to do some more exploring as well as back to the foodtruck festival to get some brunch and since it has just opened there weren't a lot of people, so I took some photos that I wasn't able to do the evening before because of the crowdedness. 

I enjoyed the grilled cheese sandwiches - one with bacon and dates and one with Brie, honey, and thyme - as well as the cheeky pancake with caramel sauce which was so full of caramel it dripped off the plate and got stuck in my hair I blame the wind but it could also be my clumsiness. Nijmegen is a fun city to visit and I hope to visit it again.



No7│Boots Pharmacy Haul


Two weeks ago I shared some of the photos I took from my visit to Valkenburg on a very sunny day off. Known as a touristy town I doesn't have a lot of shops, except for the knick knack stores at every corner selling t-shirts, mugs, hats, and what not with the sights of Valkenburg on it. However, Valkenburg does have a Boots pharmacy, and having heard of it but never visited it, I had a look and came home with a lot more than expected. Blame the English YouTubers, my love for London - even though I have only visited it once, my interest in browsing makeup, and the fact that it was on offer.

Boots here in the Netherlands is mainly a pharmacy, but they do sell No7 makeup and as you can see in the photo above I got a couple of bits, namely a Moisture Drench Lipstick in 'Chic' (€11,95), a Stay Perfect Lipstick in 'Grace' (€11,95), and the Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow in 'Bronze' (€10,95). 'Chic' is a great moisturising lipstick in what else a pinky brown shade. It has more of a lasting power than I would expect from a moisturising lipstick, which is a big plus. 'Grace' is a matt reddish brown and therefore dry on the lips and longlasting. Put this on and you only have to touch up when you have to eat, but it does accentuate and drag on the lips if you have dry patches. Key as always: exfoliate. 'Bronze' is as the shade says a bronzey liquid eye shadow that does not budge. A mix of a taupey brown with gold shimmers,  perfect to wear as a base for an easy to do smokey eye. Each product is around ten euros which isn't regularly my budget for makeup, but it was 3 for 2 and so I thought why not?

Swatches of the lip crayon and the eye shadow
The fun didn't stop there though. If you spent twenty euros on No7 products, very easy to do considering the prices, you also received a cute box with four sample products of the same brand and if that wasn't all I also received a sample shower gel - the Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Shower Gel by Champneys - when arrived at the cash desk. Crazy! The little box included the High Shine Lip Crayon in 'Daydreamer', the Lovely Lashes Mascara Black, the Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer, and the Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in the middle shade of the In The Navy Trio. Here is a photo of the makeup products I have used so far:

Clockwise: 'Bronze' liquid eye shadow, 'Daydreamer' lip crayon, 'Grace' lipstick, and 'Chic' lipstick

So, yes in the end I got out of the pharmacy with a lot more than I thought I would get. I was just browsing, decided to get one product then saw the offer and on top of this also received some samples. As if having a day off in the sun wasn't a treat enough. So far, I am very happy about the results these products give, except for the lip crayon as you might have guessed from the face I pulled but that's only because the shade is too light for my complexion, so maybe I will pay a visit again soon. Familiar with No7? What products do you recommend?