Monthly Music


September went by so quickly I cannot believe it is almost over! With a mix of overtly nice warm weather days there have also been some very rainy days and cold wind...Autumn is surely heading our way. During this month I have discovered a few new music artists that may or may not have made it to my most-played list this month. Here it is:

Bastille & Gabrielle Aplin - Dreams
James Bay - Let It Go
Hozier - Sedated
You + Me - Break The Cycle
Hozier - Work Song
Silversun Pickups - Draining
Agnes Obel - Dorian
James Bay - If You Ever Want To Be In Love
Barcelona - The Takers
Civil Twilight - Anybody Out There
DLZ - TV On The Radio
Kodaline - After The Fall
The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean You're Moving On
Thirty Seconds To Mars - Convergence

At the top we have a song by Bastille and Gabrielle Aplin called 'Dreams' which I have come across whilst watching an episode of Reign - a CW TV series about the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1557 France. I recognised the voice as Dan Smith and couldn't believe, as a fan of the music by Bastille, that I hadn't heard this song before. During the month of September I have come across some new artists whose music I have been absolutely loving at the moment. First up we have singer-songwriter James Bay whose music I discovered thanks to watching the vlogs of September by Tanya Burr. Yes, I admit I love spending a lot of time on YouTube. With a voice and music like his which is right up my street he is definitely someone to check out. In the same line of spending my free time on the Internet and epecially YouTube I came across Hozier in, again I believe a vlog by Tanya Burr. Since James Bay has turned to be such a nice addition to the music I listen to I thought it would not hurt to also look into the mentioned Hozier. Once again, I am glad I did. So I suppose, thanks for the vlogs Tanya Burr! On a different social media platform, namely Facebook, I discovered the duo You + Me existing of Alecia Moore better known as P!nk and Dallas Green better known as City and Colour. I love the music by City and Colour and P!nk is someone I respect, having struggled with asthma, as well as one of those artists that were part of my childhood. The music is a lot more in the style of City and Colour so if you like this kind of music then check them out. Finally I want to address Agnes Obel, a Danish singer-songwriter, who I've found thanks to my sister who liked a dance routine on Facebook with a song by her as the music. 

Any music artists you think I should listen to? Let me know in the comments below!


Foodies' Fun


  • Drink: Cocktail time! A last drink in Heerlen with our friend Bonnie who is now off studying abroad in Exeter.
  • Snack: Of course I was hungry and ordered a big batch of tortilla crisps with dip.
  • Treat: A treat I have been loving these days is sliced apple topped with cinnamon. Simple but delicious!
  • Dinner: Mom wanted to make her own goulash that is spicy and the perfect combination with fries.
  • Drink: With the summery weather in September I have opted now and then for an easy to make banana milkshake. All you need is one frozen banana, cinnamon, sugar, and 250ml of milk. I also added some ice cubes in case the banana wasn't frozen enough and added a teaspoon of peanut butter. Blend away and your banana milkshake is ready to enjoy.


Check & Tweed - By Catrice

Next to the Metallure limited edition Catrice brings another limited edition - Check & Tweed. For the lovers of warm, autumny colours, Catrice offers this limited edition based on Brit chic. Whilst the Metallure collection is available in August and September, Check & Tweed will be available from mid-September until October in time for the transition to the colder weather.

Quattro Baked Eyeshadow
"Baked eyeshadows with a pearl effect in two different colour versions. Can be applied moist or dry to create extremely British and sophisticated eye make-up looks." Available for about €4.59 in C01 London's Eye, and C02 Town of Crown.

Eye Brow Fixing Gel
"Well-groomed, smoothly arched eyebrows set the perfect frame for beautiful eye make-up styles. The naturally tinted gel with light, almost transparent colour-dispersion models and defines your brows. The integrated fibre brush makes application even easier." This might be a product my sister would want to buy as she still is on the hunt for a good eye brow gel. Available for about €3.39 it only comes in one shade C01 Neutrally Brown.

Velvet Lip Colour
"The Velvet Lip Colours, available in an option of reddish brown, orangey red and Bourdeaux, are extremely convincing with their pleasant texture and elegant, semi-matt finish. The slim stick packaging looks like incredible and can be taken along wherever you go." Once again my eye is on the lip products. I might try the orangey one as I do not really own a lip product in that colour yet. The Velvet Lip Colours are available in C01 Queen's BEAUTea Time, C02 Mind The Red!, and C03 Brit Chick for about €3.99.

Highlighting Powder
"The silky powder with light-reflecting pigments sets beautiful highlights on your face and neckline. The two-toned diamond design with light and darker shimmer pigments is a true eye-catcher, too." Whilst the Metallure limited edition included a bronzer, Check & Tweed - a name reflected in the powder - includes a highlighter. C01 Flagg The Union Jack is available for about €4.49.

Ultimate Nail Lacquers
"These colours with ultimate coverage are the ideal companions in the autumn season and an absolute must for stylish nails. Modern hunting green and grey-blue meet upon classic rusty red,  camel, and soft rosé - all with a pearly finish. The extra-broad reservoir brush captures just the right amount of polish needed for one nail and offers perfect results without streaks." And I am ending another collection with the nail polishes. I am interested in what the camel-coloured one will look like on the nails, but love the look of the green and red one. For about €2.99 you can get your hands on these five colours: C01 London Calling, C02 England's Rose, C03 Mind The Red!,  C04 Brit Chick, and C05 Hyde In The Park.

Which limited edition collection by Catrice do you prefer: Metallure or Check & Tweed? All images are from the official Catrice website.




The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, abbreviated GISHWHES, is an international event created by actor Misha Collins who is known mostly as Castiel from the television series Supernatural. GISHWHES 2014 started on Saturday the 2nd of August and ended on Saturday the 9th of August. Over the years I have heard some whispers about this happening and after hearing some of the amazing stories by my friend Esther, I was hooked. 2014 would be my initiation to all things GISHWHES. A team was formed from the participating members of alleged Team Boerenkool (Team Kale) and Team LovesCreepyDolls resulting in the necessary group of 15 people scattered over the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands. It was the 2nd of August and it was time...time for the GISHWHES list to be published online. A list consisting of 185(!) random items or assignments that can be completed via uploading an image or video of the executed item. Random items? Oh yes, indeed. Random, sweet, crazy, impossible, and funny items. Ranging from the creation of an "architecturally-significant GISHWHESESQUE birdhouse" to sculpting "John Barrowman's head from duct tape"; from the creation of a "Hot Pasta and Jam Sauce stand" to "singing 'Dust in the Wind' in a dust storm"; from a throne  made of kale to giving "one of your favourite and most valued objects to a homeless person". It is all there. Even though I ended up only partaking in about four items of the list I had an amazing time. I hope my schedule won't be as busy as this year as I sure would like to participate again! Whilst the winning team gets to go to Croatia, it does not really matter who wins as the entire experience was just plain fun. Here are some of the items our team - Team BoerenkoolLovesCreepyDolls - has submitted:

And also, a video made by one of the team members compiling a bunch of the other items we have done:



Foodies' Fun


  • Breakfast: Grilled cheese sandwich with some delicious fruit. 
  • Dinner: Mussels, tempura, fruit, and different sorts of vegetables to dip into petjel sauce. So much to choose from...I couldn't stop eating. 
  • Snack: This has got to be my new favourite snack. A mix of nuts, either covered in chocolate or salted, and cranberries. 
  • Dinner: As the weather keeps changing here in the Netherlands everyone here at home has been feeling poorly now and then in the last couple of weeks. Nothing warm soup and rice cannot battle. The best comfort food when you're feeling poorly next to tea.
  • Treat: I also had my days when I wasn't feeling my best and for some reason when I have a cold I need to chew on something or have something to munch on. I kindly asked my brother to take some candy along with him when he went and got his fries for dinner.
  • Dinner: Chicken-sate, a pasta salad, and potato pillows
  • Treat: And finishing this post with some delicious baking my mom did the other day. 


Hello Autumn - By Essence

Autumn is slowly creeping in and that also means new make-up collections inspired by this season. Essence welcomes Autumn with their limited edition Hello Autumn. Here is a closer look at all the products that will be available from September until half October.

Eyeshadow Palletes
"The eyeshadow pallete offers six longlasting autumn colours, ranging from golden brown to beige-green with different finishes from semi-matt to metallic. A double-sided brush is included with the palette for easy application and blending." The eyeshadow palletes come in two sets: 01 Walk In The Park and 02 Keep Calm & Go For A Walk for €3.89.

Eye Pencil
"The soft, creamy texture of the eye pencil guarantees longlasting results in the colours brown and green. Harsh drawn lines are easily smudged with the soft sponge tip." Next to the eyeshadow palletes Essence also includes two eye pencils in 01 Leaves Are The New Beef and 02 Charlie Seen In Green for €1.59. The green one of the two is something I might look into as I like to play with eyeliner colours from time to time next to the black (winged) eyeliner.

Eyebrow Set
"This set is available in two shades of brown and assures you of beautifully styled eyebrows - for both blondes and brunettes! The micro-fine eyebrow powder in two different brown shades create more volume whilst the highlighter optically lifts the eyebrow. The set includes a brush that is indispensable in creating the perfect look!" An eyebrow kit designed for both brunettes 01 Leaves Are The New Beef, and blondes 02 Walk In the Park for €2.59.

 Lip Cream
"The creamy, rich texture gives your lips an intense colour and semi-matt finish. Particularly longlasting." I have seen good reviews of the lip creams by Essenc yet I have not had the chance to try them myselves. The pink one of the two looks like a dusty rose colour which is right up my street. Available in 01 Beauti-FALL Red and 02 Keep Calm & Go For A Walk for €1.99.

Colour Adapting Powder Blush
"This innovative powder blush reacts to your skin's personal pH value and changes during its application to a fresh pink shade with a soft sheen. The beige powder also includes small luster pigments for a natural glow." The Colour Adapting Powder Blush looks very interesting. A powder blush that adjusts to your skin. A nice addition to the colour-adapting BB creams and lip balms. Available in 01 Beauti-FALL Red and 02 Keep Calm & Go For A Walk for €2.59.

Multi-Colour Powder
"This Multi-Colour Powder combines different tones of brown and gold to give an amazing glow to your face and neck. The beautiful leaf relief makes the powder unique." In addition to the blush this collection also comes with a bronzer/highlighter to give the face a beautiful glow. Available in 01 Autumn & The City for €3.39.

Thermo Nail Polishes
"This nail polish changes like the leaves in Autumn. Once applied, the red, orange, green, brown, and gold colours transform in different shades depending on the temperature." Okay, the powder blush had already caught my interest but these nail polishes! Wow...besides the gold one I want to have them all. Available in 01 Beauti-FALL Red, 02 Meet My Pumpkin, 03 Charlie Seen in Green, 04 Keep Calm & Go For A Walk, and 05 Autumn & The City for €1.99.

"Six seamless hair rubber bands that will keep your hair together and will not damage it due to the soft material." To round it all up, the Hello Autumn collection also has a set of hairbands in autumnal colours: 01 #Outdoor Yoga for €2.99.

Have you tried the thermo nail polishes or the colour adapting blush? All images are from the original Essence website. 



Foodies' Fun: Berlin Edition

Berlin! In between the crazy mix of fun, work, and working on my thesis I had the opportunity  to spend a few days with a couple of my friends in Berlin. Of course I could not leave this opportunity out to make a Foodies' Fun post about it and here it is. I must warn you there is some repetition, but I just couldn't say no to these delicious foods and drinks:

  • Snack: Next to some sweet little buns I later on added to my inventory of food for in the train these delicious little carrots accompanied with hummus.
  • Drink: Ginger Ale has got to be the staple drink on this trip. I wish they added it to the drink menu's here in the Netherlands.
  • Dinner: My first pizza at Berlin - mushrooms!
  • Drink: Ending the day with a nice warm chai latte.
  • Breakfast: A delicious mix of melon pieces and of course some croissants
  • Treat: A stop at Starbucks for some warm tea and a large cookie to battle the cold.
  • Dinner: Pasta what else - Ravioli.
  • Drink: Caipirinha which I still cannot pronounce correctly.
  • Breakfast: Having found a supermarket-bakery-kebab-place-in-one this has more or less been my go to breakfast for the remainder of our stay at Berlin.
  • Dinner: Not just a cheeseburger, but a bacon cheeseburger. Yum!
  • Dessert: Afterwards we opted to share a warm slice of apple pie and cheesecake
  • Dinner: Pizza! Again...and I have to add that this has to be my new favourite pizza EVER. Why? Simply because it has mozarella, spinach, red onion, and sheep's cheese. On the hunt to find it back home and otherwise I'll make it myself.
  • Treat: Dunkin' Donuts. I missed out the first time I was in Berlin and would not go home without it. Currywurst is still on my list though.
  • Lunch/Dinner: The food I got for our ride back. 

Metallure - By Catrice

The drugstore make up brand Catrice has a new limited edition in the shops and I thought I would show you what it is all about. Metallure - in stores in August and September derives its inspiration from the metallic trend found on the catwalks. Here are the products belonging to the collection:

Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow
"The metallic, marbled eyeshadows have a convincing high pigmentation and an innovative soft powder texture, which is particularly easy to apply and blend. The eyeshadows provide intensive colour with extraordinary shine. Choose from the marbled combinations coppery rosé gold with white or dark silver with subtle and intense gold. Alternatively, you can also blend several nuances to suit your mood." The marble effect of the eyeshadows look really nice and I am curious as to how the colours will blend. There are three marbled eyeshadows available for about €3.59: C01 Metalight, C02 Metalfusion, and C03 Metallicious.

Mascara Topper & Liner
"The innovative Topper & Liner sets beautiful highlights around your eyes. The 2 in 1 product can be used to as liquid eyeliner as well as a mascara topper thanks to its duo applicator. Use the brush tip to apply as eyeliner or top your mascara with the grooved side of the wand. The black diamond texture - black with a silver metallic shimmer - has an extremely accurate application and is especially long lasting." The first things that comes to mind is that it probably needs a good amount of time to fully dry because of the shimmer in the wet consistency. In addition I wonder whether it will result in drooping lashes once applied as a topper. Nonetheless, we can see that the coloured mascara or tips of the lashes are still an ongoing trend and Catrice has nicely fitted it in to its collection. Available for about €3.99 in C01 Dazzling Dark.

Luminizing Bronzer
"The baked bronzing powder with a coppery rosé gold marbling gives your face and neckline a natural-looking tan and subtle glow. The powder texture with a slightly metallic marble effect is also lovely to looks at." This bronzer has got to be the product for lasting the tan you have gotten over the summer months. A nice warm bronzy glow to suit your complexion available for about €4.99 in the shade C01 Shimmer Shade.

Lip Colour
"Elegant finish. A classic look for your lips to completes your Metallure make-up style. The highly pigmented texture is extremely creamy and feels pleasantly soft on your lips. Its longlasting finish looks particularly elegant thanks to its semi-matt effect. The rosé gold, soft marbled packaging visibly implements the metallic trend, too." My personal favourite items of this limited edition. I already swatched the lip colours at the drugstore and the creaminess of the lipstick is great. Whilst I am doubting whether it will counteract the longlasting finish I love that it is semi-matt. I tend to opt for matt lipsticks as I find them a lot easier to wear on a everyday basis, but on the downside a lot of matt lipsticks dry out your lips. The red-coloured one is definitely my favourite and I absolutely love the rosé gold packaging. The three shades are available for about €3.99 in C01 Metalight, C02 Alluring Pink, and C03 Alluring Red

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
"Ultimate colour, ultimate coverage, and an ultimate metallic shine. The entire Metallure collection is reflected in these five fashionable nail polishes: dark silver, modern gold, warm rosé gold, classic red, and fresh pink. The extra-broad reservoir brush captures just the right amount of polish required for each nail and delivers streak-free results like a pro. One stroke of the brush is all you need and the polish will shimmer like liquid metal on your eyes." Available for about €2.99 in the colours C01 Alluring Red, C02 Alluring Pink, C03 Metalight, C04 Metallicious, and C05 Metalfusion. 

Already half-way through the month of September, which one of these products will be your pick? All images are from the official Catrice website. 



Post-University Life

Two weeks in - after handing in my thesis - and I am already falling into a pit of boredom and yes to be fair, annoyance. Who would have thought I'd miss the constant working on school-related stuff and especially my thesis? I guess it makes sense...After eighteen years where school and studying was the central point of my life there is now a big gap. A gap, which although has been somewhat altered over the years at university where I had fewer classes and more studying by myself, had also been immensely filled these past couple of months with my thesis and all the stress attached to it. Now...nothing. It is strange to find me seated here alone at my desk as I am typing this up. Honestly, I was just doing the dishes when I suddenly got really annoyed at how I have nothing to occupy me with. No crazy adventures or getaways, just doing chores at home, doing groceries now and then, and work. Am I overthinking it? I think so.

My mind has always done so. I thought I would enjoy all my free time once my thesis is done and whilst I have and still do as I am spending great amounts online, catching up on YouTube and series I have put on hold, I have also had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that tonight decided to surface. Is this something everyone is going through once they are done? Maybe not for the people who have landed a job through an internship during their uni years or found one straight afterwards. Whether related to their study or not. Or maybe it is something every twenty-something person (younger or older is of course also possible) goes through.

The next big step. I might just need some time to let it all sink in. I still haven't received my grade for the thesis, so I probably shouldn't be so forward on this as it is possible I still have a month or two ahead of me working on it. Though, I certainly hope not. Please. Let me pass this in one go. I would not be able to deal with another month or two working on it. All the stress. No. Oops, got a bit carried away there. Yes, maybe I need to let it all sink in a bit and slowly start figuring out what I want to do.

Do I apply for a job that suits my education? I think I'll keep the job I am having now and if something comes along my path take the opportunity. This way, I can work out what I really want to do whilst still having a job which I am very thankful for. In the meantime I want to focus on some nice things. I said this before, but maybe post more content on my blog? I for instance enjoyed editing the little footage I had of Berlin in my previous post. Another thing might be to pick up the guitar and start playing on the keyboard some more. I have not had any lessons in either instrument but do enjoy getting carried away playing music and watching tutorials on YouTube. Oh, the wonderful things of the Internet. In retrospect, I have started reading some of the books that just have been part of my room for so long as well as some of the books I have listed. Yes, I do love making lists. Next to this, I also downloaded some fitness apps on my phone the other day. Didn't work out so well for me. I did two workouts at the beginning of the week and all my muscles still ache. My sister has kindly let me know it is quite normal since I do not exercise at all. Hopefully, the pain will be gone by the end of the week and I can start the cycle all over again next week. Yay.

Not sure if there is going to be a positive end to this post. Hell, I am not even sure I will publish it. Nonetheless it is a blog about bits and pieces of my life and everyone has its ups and downs so maybe I should. A late-night ramble post it will be.



Foodies' Fun

Although I am currently not feeling one hundred percent well I want to get fully back into blogging. Now that my thesis is handed in - exactly a week ago from today - this blog will once again become a priority. Even though I usually only post two times a week, I am trying to figure out whether or not I have enough to blab about to maybe post some more? Who knows...in the meantime, here are a few photos of food and drinks from the last couple of weeks:

  • Drink: Water with ice cubes and fresh mint and sometimes a bit of honey - my go to drink when I want to switch up the plain water that I always drink (next to tea)
  • Dinner: Fondue with the entire family. It looks so summery.
  • Treat: A piece of rijstevlaai, a sort of rice tart as cake for my sister's birthday
  • Drink: A drink my sister and I wanted to try. It tasted nice.
  • Treat: OMG Sour Patch Kids - finally can be found in a regular sweet shop. Small packages but still...yes.
  • Dinner: I could eat this every single day. Veggies and tzatziki or garlic sauce. Yum.
  • Snack/Dessert?: plekskeskoek or koekjeskoek a dessert made out of layered coffee-infused tea biscuits topped with butter and hagelslag (hackenschracken for those who know what I'm referring to), sprinkles.