MUA News *updated*

Exciting beauty news! Make Up Academy, better known as MUA seems to be coming to the Netherlands.

This brand - exclusively available at the UK drugstore Superdrug has its Press Day in Amsterdam today. I was on Instagram and came across their announcement of having landed in Amsterdam for their Press Day and thought, what?! Went onto Twitter and saw even more updates. Including this one:

Yes, as someone who's interest in all things beauty is continuously growing (blame YouTube and blogs) I am excited which you can probably tell. To be honest, ever since I came home from London - TWO summers ago - and stumbled upon places to see and things to get... well, I started to make a bit of a list that obviously also included some great make up items I want to try out and yes you guessed right MUA has a few items on there as well.

So far, there has not been any more info on when it will actually happen other than the fact that MUA will be sold at the Dutch drugstore Kruidvat and from the looks of the picture above, will include a nice range of the products of this UK-based make up brand. I will keep you updated!

- Update: After the press day I came across some nice blog posts of Dutch bloggers who were at the press event itself. This post by ByAranka has a very useful list of all the places where MUA will be sold and this post by Beautyill includes a nice video of the event itself. It seems that MUA will be available in the Kruivdat stores around week 15/16 which is very soon!

Have you heard of the brand before? What are your thoughts about? Any items you must have? Let me know, in the comments below.



Bits and Bobs


1. I finally watched the pilot episode of Twin Peaks. This show has been on my watch list for quite some time thanks to a friend of mine and during one of our series/film marathon evenings - which this time involved just the pilot of the show as we talked about pretty much anything most of the time - we watched it.

2. One more week until the week of my exams. My last exams to be exact. After this, "all" that's left is the big thesis. Very strange to think about it like that. And can you believe it, I actually already started writing and reading. I'm usually a die-hard procrastinator so yay! for me.

3. I did not want to point this out, as I want my posts to be as positive and light as possible and especially a post like this, but Dutch politics. You may or may not have heard of Geert Wilders but I really just cannot understand how people can think like he does. The topic I am talking about is racism, and it just angers me to my core. If you want to know more about it and my exact feelings then have a look at Bonnie's last blog post as it nicely sums up my thoughts as well.

4. On to more fun things... The annual St. Joep market was in Sittard on Wednesday. With the sun shining and my sunglasses on I was strolling through all the market stalls and had a lovely time. I stumbled across a doughnut stand with filled donuts and also came across a stall that sold make up by Revlon. Might do a little post about the products I got.

5. Had a nice weekend off from work which included studying, lazy times, a short trip to the German drugstore DM, bagels and friends. Yes, bagels... for which I will make a separate post because it was DELICIOUS.



Concert time: Bastille


Wednesday March 12. Not only did this day include the official release of the line-up for Pinkpop 2014 which you can check out here but I was also off to Nijmegen and later on to Amsterdam to see Bastille perform at the Heineken Music Hall. A whole amazing day of excitement.

The concert by Bastille and support act Grizfolk was simply AMAZING. In total we were with the seven of us and all really pumped to sing along and see them perform. I have to be honest, I didn't know the support act that well apart from the couple of tracks that I found on Spotify. I really liked it and will probably check them out some more. Bastille was great and my friends and I sang along to every song. It all went by so fast and I had trouble seeing the entire band... when Grizfolk ended their set some people moved around and someone who was way taller than me was suddenly standing before me. Although saddened and annoyed by this I did not let it ruin my evening and I let myself be surrounded by the music around me and well partied on.

There was one song I wasn't really that familiar with and this was one of their new songs, Blame. It includes a lot more guitar and is more on the rock-side. I quite like it and must confess it has been stuck in my mind now and again. Cannot wait to hear more of their new music.



Line-Up Pinkpop


The time was there on Wednesday 12 March: the official announcement of most of the line-up for Pinkpop 2014. A couple of names were already announced in weeks leading up to the press conference including the Editors, Stromae, Bastille, and Ed Sheeran. I can remember watching the conference live on tv last year but couldn't find it this time as my mom and I were stressingly going through ALL the channels.

The press conference was set from 12:00 to 14:00 and as I was halfway off to meet my friends in Nijmegen - we were going to see Bastille later that night at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam Woooo!- I was constantly on Twitter and other sites to see what was going on.

In case you missed, here's the official line-up for Pinkpop 2014:

June 7th (Saturday): John Mayer, Bastille, Flogging Molly, Ed Kowalczyk, Joe Bonamassa, Haim, Epica, White Lies, Les Djins and the headliner The Rolling Stones.

June 8th (Sunday): Editors, Ed Sheeran, The Kooks, Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters, Paolo Nutini, Chef'Special, Rudimental, Limp Bizkit, North Mississippi Allstars, John Newman, The Boxer Rebellion, Twenty One Pilots, Portugal. The Man and the headliner The Arctic Monkeys.

June 9th (Monday): Arcade Fire, Stromae, Avenged Sevenfold, Biffy Clyro, Jake Bugg, Rob Zombie, Mastodon, Kodaline, Jett Rebel, Gogol Bordello, Bombay Bicycle Club, Ghost, Clean Bandit and the headliner Metallica. 

With still 12 acts to come and the new fourth stage for small alternative bands the line-up is looking great. 
Ticket sale started last Saturday and the three-day tickets as well as tickets for Saturday were gone within the first hour. INSANE... All thanks to the Rolling Stones, an act needless to say everyone wants to see.

Unfortunately my friends and I were not able to get three-day tickets along with many many people. It saddens me as I have been going for five years now and as a friend of mine nicely puts it, the weekend of Pinkpop is always the highlight of the year. On the bright side, I am able to get a ticket for Sunday and am still doubting whether or not I want one for Monday as well. Guess I'll just wait and see what other acts will be part of the line-up. 

Do you have a ticket for Pinkpop? Who would you love to see?


2013 Favourites #4


And here we are... the last post of my 2013 favourites. After having talked about face, lips and hair products it is time for the eyes.

Ebelin Eyelash Rubbers: I do not know the exact name for these rubbers but they are amazing. So far, I have had no need to replace these for others in my eyelash curler. The brand is part of the German drugstore DM and I am telling you if you are ever near one, go visit. You are in for a treat.
H&M Smoky Eyes: This smoky eyes palette is handy for everyday use. It has three eyeshadow shades - a light, darkbrown and black shade - and three additional brow colours. I stumbled across this as I was filling up my time before heading to class and have used it many times.
Calvin Klein Sheer Creme Eyeshadow: I came across this high end brand in Big Bazar with a lot of other items which you can see here. The one in Retro Bronze is a favourite of mine and so easy to use. If I want to add a bit of smokiness that I know will last all day I use this creme eyeshadow.
P2 Matte Dream Eyeshadow: I believe P2 cosmetics is another brand that belongs solely to DM and I love to venture through the items to see what I can take home with me. I have three of the matte eyeshadows but this one, in 090 Brown Delight, is my favourite of the three. I always have had trouble finding a colour that almost matches my eyelid and this is a nice base I can use if I ever want to create full on eyeshadow looks.
Catrice All Round Mascara: This mascara has been my personal gem for years now. I have it in the waterproof version and it is wonderful. It really holds the curl well which is exactly what I need as my lashes are slighted tilted down in their natural state.
Miss Sporty Eyebrow Pencil: I believe it wasn't until somewhere in 2013 that I started fill in my brows and for that I use this very inexpensive brown eyebrow pencil by Miss Sporty. It comes with a brush attached to the cap or lid which is very useful.
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner: While I am pretty used to using gel liner - the one by essence is THE best! - I got a bit lazy with having to use a brush every time. On the lookout for a nice and easy felt tip liner I came across this one by Maybelline and it has been part of my make up routine ever since.
Essence Kajal Pencil: To brighten up my eyes and look more awake I use this kajal pencil in 19 All I Want by Essence. Lining my waterline with white pencil never suited me, at least that I how I feel about it, and this nude shade is the perfect one for me.

I hope you've enjoyed this little series of posts, especially for all the beauty and makeup lovers out there!
Let's see what this year will bring up... Any products you recently found and absolutely love?




This post is loooong overdue but I want to share some of the pictures with you anyways so here it goes...

PARIS, my last study trip for the master I am following at Maastricht University. A trip I ALMOST missed because of the stupid flu that was hanging around in the air and for that matter in my home among the family members. So long I was able to avoid it and then BAM it hit me. I also was in the midst of exams which of course did not help at all. But I pulled through and showed up on Monday morning at the train station. Off we were to Paris by bus. Our first stop, with a bit of delay and after having been to the hostel, was Centre Pompidou which started with a meeting. Ugh, I felt terrible during this meeting and almost wished I hadn't come along and just stayed at home in bed.

Thankfully, I felt almost better the next two days and I am glad I went. Who wouldn't want to miss out on a trip to Paris? Day two consisted of a trip to Musée du Quai Branly and Musée d‘Orsay. It was nice to stroll through Paris on our way to the museums, passing the Eiffel Tower and walking along the Seine. The last day consisted of a mixed programme as you could chose from different institutions you wanted to visit. Due to the given time schedule I couldn't go back to amazing Versailles. Instead I went to Fondation Le Corbusier and in the afternoon to Galerie Itinerrance. I was really excited about the last one as it is a street art gallery. Let's move on to the photos:

Taken from within Centre Pompidou (same as the first one)
Musée d'Orsay

H.A.N.D where I had a burger I couldn't finish... so good
Strolling through Paris at night
At Fondation le Corbusier
Nearing the street art gallery
The gallery was preparing for a new exhibition
Amazing work and so cool to see the artist work as well be able to talk to him - Pantónio
We also found other amazing street art throughout this part of the city
Cannot wait to get back to Paris again... hopefully sometime soon!



2013 Favourites #3


Number three has arrived! I tagged these as my favourite face makeup products:

Catrice Defining Blush: Love this blush by Catrice in 060 Rosewood Forest. Fun fact: I recently found out that two of my friends also use a blush from this collection. All different colours.
Catrice SUN Glow Matt Bronzing Powder: Yes,  as you're going to find out I own a lot of face products by Catrice. It is a really nice and affordable brand. This bronzing powder is the one for darker skin and it suits me well.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: So many beauty guru's talked about this face powder and it really is great. I have it in the 005 Silky Beige after a long decision-making process of which colour actually suited my skin the best. Extra points for making this decision in terrible yellow light that's somehow always part of the drugstores here.
Ebelin Precision Egg: This dupe-officially Ebelin's Präzisions Make Up Ei-of the famous beauty blender is just great. I am glad I stumbled across this one after seeing all the rave for the little pink sponge. It's easy to use and to clean and whilst I only use it top apply my BB cream I have seen people do their entire face with it. Contour, foundation, blusher, you name it.
Maybelline SuperStay 24hrs - 03Medium: I got this concealer with a 1+1 free offer at Kruidvat. You only need to use a tiny amount at a time and the coverage is wonderful. Guess I'll be buying that one again the next time there is an offer.
Catrice Allround Concealer: This concealer was suggested by a friend and I love it ever since. It has a green to soften redness and a pink to cover dark circles. On top of this it has three different skin toned concealers and whilst I can only use the darkest shade as an actual concealer, I can use the other two as highlighters. The darkest colour fits me really well and I do hope one day Catrice sells them separately because I always run out so fast with that colour.
Garnier BB Cream: I have pretty visible pores and oily skin as well as some imperfections from time to time thank you stress and this BB cream is great. I'm not a big fan of foundation. I don't know why, I just don't like it. Yes, I tried several times. Hands down to the beauty gurus out there who can make their skin look flawless with it. My curiosity for this particular BB cream by Garnier was thanks to the Makeup Chair on YouTube. I recently switched to the one for oily skin and it fits me even better.

Clink the links if you'd like to see my favourite hair products, lips, and eye makeup products of 2013.