From BA to MA

It is finally official! I have earned all the credits or ECTS for my Bachelor degree. This does not only mean that I made it through my bachelor but that I can also continue my Master study which I started with this month. Oh god, I am so happy the proof is finally there.

To recap: I had to resit my thesis due to a new stricter rule. The grade publication deadline for this resit was 13 September. On 6 September I received an e-mail of my supervisor which included the new feedback form; I passed this time. However, over the weeks it still was not progressed in the system. In the end, it appeared the e-mail with the feedback form was not received by the exam office even though my supervisor sent it to them. All in all, the problem was fixed within a day (after having to wait for over 2 weeks) and the result was there. Now it is just waiting for the official statement that I am graduated and can register for the graduation ceremony. *excited*

- a short post about what is going on in my student life


Jumble Sale

This week I have not been feeling my best. Actually, I have not at all been feeling comfortable in my own skin. Why? Well, let's just simply say.... because of life. I do not want to get into the details for this is a worry-free post. One of the things I do when I am not feeling myself and am left with some extra cash is shopping. Which I did and treated myself with this:

Yes that is a nice composition of ALL the things I bought. Some time ago I read that the inexpensive shop, Big Bazar, sells Revlon make up for €2,99! Items for purchase are usually items that are being repackaged or that won't be in the standard collection any more but nonetheless I was finally able to get my hands on items of Revlon. (In the Netherlands it is nearly impossible to buy make up of this brand, only online) As I was able to find some free time in the busy life I have at the moment, I came home with a lot more than anticipated.

List of items I got:
Revlon Lipgloss in 04 Nude Lustre and 21 Pink Crystals
Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara 001 Blackest Black
Revlon Just Bitten in Forbidden and Twilight
Revlon Colorstay in 05 Hazelnut
L'Oréal Paris Infallible in 205 Powerful Ruby and 206 Irresistible Raspberry
Maybelline Natural Accents Eye Shadow 93 Sunlit Bronze
Calvin Klein Sheer Creme Eyeshadow in Retro Bronze and Sheer Nectar

BUT that is not all. I just came back with my parents from a jumble sale here in Hoensbroek. For all the prejudiced people out there reading this: Experience first, judge later. My mom and I love visiting these nifty small and even the bigger jumble sales out there in towns people otherwise would just drive through just to get somewhere. Finding vintage items, reminiscing about toys, albums you used to have and even finding treasures or just simple things that are handy to have. Instead of throwing all their stuff away or to keep it in their attic these people actually do something with it and besides getting rid of it, they also receive some money for it in return. Smart, right?

For example, it is because of a second hand shop that my sister and I went from having too little storage room to one extra to a complete set within a week.

Todays purchased items include:

A polaroid camera. Me and especially my sister love having these vintage/old cameras, whether they work or not. If you follow me on Instagram you can see that she has a full shelf on the wall stacked with them. I am still trying to figure out if this one works because I have been wanting a real and working one  for so long.

This nice jacket for more formal occasions

This "beauty box" my mom thought was handy and is cute to have

And last but not least this little ring with a moon and a star

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Do you ever visit second hand stores or go to jumble sales?
Let me know in the comments below!





Yes! As you can guess, my friends and I went to Antwerp on August 31. Not only as a nice shopping trip but also as a great ending to the summer break. To be honest we spent equal and maybe even more time travelling than actually being in Antwerp. Nonetheless it was a wonderful day.

Top things on my list of shops to go to? FOREVER21 and Brandy Melville. I love Brandy Melville and was able to introduce this cute clothing brand to my friends. Of course I could not leave the shop without trying some of the items on and I left with a nicely filled paper bag.

The lovely items I got from Brandy Melville

And there it is: FOREVER21, one of the many shops I have only visited online. I was surprised with the outline and the way everything was placed. Especially the floor with accessoires. Instead of the outline of a big retail store, the accessoires were placed in different sizes of bowles and displayed in such a way that it gave the feeling of a cute little boutique.

Another mission was to find a bubble tea  bar and filled Luikse waffle. Unfortunately I found neither. Better luck next time, because I definitely want to head back to this city for more shopping (obviously) as well as seeing the city as such. I love finding little stores, restaurants as well as looking at the architecture and discover more of the culture in a city.

My new bag from NewYorker

As for now... I am fully back to student life which can be seen by the delay of this post. Not that I ever was fully out of the feeling of being a student with my thesis resit and its consequences during the summer break, but now it is full ahead regarding my Master education.

I hope you all have enjoyed the sun and had fun during the summer break. I definitely had some great days to look back to. Sad to say Autumn is coming up pretty fast, at least weatherwise here in the Netherlands, but that also means comfortably sitting wrapped in a blanket whilst reading a book or watching your favourite TV show with a cup of tea.