I am happy to announce that I just received an e-mail from the coordinator of the MA Arts & Heritage stating that I got selected and accepted for the master!

Apparently something went wrong with the database which is why it took so long to give information to the students that applied. Shockingly there were 180 applicants from over 40 countries which makes me feel very small but also very fortunate to be accepted. Having a mix of students from all over the world is great! All the experiences, stories and perspectives greatly benefit the program. Due to the great amount of applicants there is even a waiting list. In the meantime I am still waiting for my grade of the thesis *fingers crossed.* but this is amazing!



Pinkpop 2013

Last weekend was Pinkpop! This music festival is always one if not the highlight of the year for me and my friends. This year has been amazing as well!

Acts I've seen on day 1:

Paramore - I have been listening to their music for years now but never been able to see them live. The first time I heard a song of them was when I was playing Sims. True story. They were awesome! I even bought a shirt and it is the first girltee that actually fits and feels comfortable. My mom wanted to see them as well but unfortunately they did not show the live performance on tv and I am still searching for footage made by other people in the audience.

Jimmy Eat World - Here I only managed to hear a couple of songs. We were meeting up with the rest of the group during their performance and I quickly bought my Paramore t-shirt. They sounded great.

The Script - This has been their third performance at Pinkpop and were on the mainstage. The last two times the leadsinger was feeling unwell resulting in a poorly performance but this time he was fine to which I could finally hear his great voice. To be honest, I had sort of stop listening to their new music due to the poorly performance last time, but this has changed completely.

The Killers - Who ended the first day. They started with Mr. Brightside which is a song I really like and obviously everyone knows so the whole crowd sang along.

Group photo on a personalized frontpage of the newspaper the Sp!ts

Day 2

Most of us did not know the opening acts on the second day, Palma Violets and La Pegatina, but since one person knew Palma Violets and one heard of La Pegatina we were there at the start of the day. And am I glad we did. Palma Violets was nice to hear and the last song the band members went crazy by dancing all across the stage. It was so much fun to watch. La Pegatina on the other hand was a wake up call for all the people who just came to the festival after a couple hours or no sleep at all. It wasn't that crowded but everyone who was there was dancing. It was their 10 year anniversary and 700th performance which made them want to celebrate it with us. At the end of their performance they carried their instruments off the stage and played between the front courses of the stage. It had definitely set the mood right for the rest of the day.

Other bands I have seen were Passenger, Fun., Thirty Seconds To Mars, and the closing act Kings of Leon. It was sad to see that most people left after the song We Are Young by Fun. because most of the general public only knew that song and wanted to see the next headliner, The Opposites. I enjoyed the performance although was not fond of the songs where he put the autotune "effect" on. It's on the album as well and after hearing his voice live it was unfortunate that he used that effect. I am in general not a fan of autotune. His voice sounds great without it.

The Echelon playing LLF+D Twister
before the signing session of Thirty Seconds To Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars was awesome to see. Next to Paramore, this band was one of the acts that I was looking most forward to. I have seen them the last time when they were at Pinkpop and due to the numerous shows they had at that time Jareds voice didn't sound good. He also left a lot of the singing to the audience. However, this performance was great. The crowd in the front went wild and after seeing the performance back it looked like the whole audience was anti-dancing, jumping, and singing along.

To be honest, I missed this energy a bit with Kings of Leon. They sounded amazing, but the crowd was only fully participating with the known songs such as Use Somebody and Sex On Fire.

Day 3

On day three I have seen Kensington, Bastille, Will and the People, a bit of Blaudzun, Stereophonics, Alt-J, and Green Day.

Bastile - Bastille was added last minute to the line-up as a replacement for Grouplove, but damn was I glad that they were part of the line-up. I really like their album Bad Blood and was looking forward to seeing them play the songs live. The festival tent was rather empty close to the performance but when I later on looked around it was so crowded. They sounded great!

Alt-J - This act I have never heard of or seen before but since I had no preference between Triggerfinger and Alt-J... and otherwise a friend of mine would have had to go by herself I decided to join her. The music was different, something I hadn't heard before. I like the mix between the songs and the parts made up of polyphonic singing.  Definitely something to listen again to. 

Green Day was cool to see again. They were one of the headliners and closing acts a few years back as well. An energy-filled performance but it was pretty much the same line-up of songs as last time. It was funny to see them dressed up again and they called two people of the audience on the stage. One of them even received a guitar after he had sung a song by himself. It was a great ending of another year at Pinkpop.



Jera On Air

Hello there!

 After spending the last couple of weeks on my MARBLE project it was  finally time for some fun.
I have known of the existence of this festival for about three years now but have never been able to go to it. Thus, this weekend it was finally time. On arrival I completely forgot we (my sister, her boyfriend, and I) would get a festival wristband at the entrance. I was shocked when the man at the entrance threw away our e-ticket. As you can see, my mind was still focused in the stress that is school...

The wristband I forgot I would get
 The venue was only half open for the first day of the festival for all the band-acts played in one tent and the dj-acts played in the other. When seeing the timetable I was a bit confused with the mix of stages for dj-sets and bands but I have to say this combination worked out well. Other funny and cool features of the festival were:

- A skate ramp and "Loco Loco Ruil-Toko" where you can change a piece of your wardrobe to something that is in this shop which was fun to see. A dj for instance exchanged his golden leggings for a shirt with red, yellow, and green stripes Carnaval!

- "De Koppieshop" were you were able to copy your face on a copy machine which you could then edit with markers etc. and the "Hubbly Bubbly Bar" for some Moroccan tea as well as smoking the hookah.

When we just arrived and were going through the festival terrain we met up with a cousin of mine, her boyfriend, and a good friend of theirs. Of course this led to group photos:

Apoligetically I didn't know a lot of the bands of that day's line-up... but I have seen some great bands that I will continue to listen to and overall there was a great atmosphere. On the second day it was happening... after all these years I was finally able to see A Day To Remember! My sister and I have been looking forward to this ever since we saw that they were included on the line-up and we had the chance to go. I also saw a lot of other bands including:

Wasted Bullet
No Turning Back
Cancer Bats
The Ghost Inside
Apologies, I Have None
John Coffey
Funeral for a Friend
Asking Alexandria 
Parkway Drive

Same as the day before, although I knew a couple of songs of some of the bands but knew most by name I will definitely continue to listen to these. As for ADTR... it was AWESOME.


Taking some time off...


It's been a while since I made a blogpost since I am in the last couple of weeks of my bachelor study. Exciting, exciting! However this also means rounding off my project/paper/thesis or whatever you want to call it which is exactly what I have been up to. There has been a setback for the lovely woman I had to interview for my project became unwell last week. Sadly, after having some contact now and then it turned out that they had taken some of her blood to investigate what was wrong which means that she is very unwell. I hope they can figure out what is wrong with her and that she feels better soon...

This also meant that I had to look for another person to interview. As a last minute resort I was able to visit a woman in Belgium with my tutor. The woman was very nice and very eager to talk although she didn't quite understand me due to different accents so my tutor had to lead the conversation most of the time. In desperate need for an interviewee, to conduct an interview entirely on my own, I resorted to the phone book and called every home that was in it. I have made more phone calls on that particular day than in the last couple of years combined. In retrospect, it was a good excercise being someone who dislikes phone calls. Thus, I managed to find someone who I met last Thursday and the interview went great. The hour we had planned was gone so very fast.

Coincidentally, I was working almost 24/7 on my paper until Friday in the late afternoon. After this it was FINALLY time to take some time off! I spent the rest of Friday and Saturday on a festival called Jera On Air and it was awesome!

*For this, I will make a seperate post which will be up after this*

And now it's back to serious business for I have a presentation due tomorrow and still need to work things out.