Happy Easter!


Today's post is going to be a rather short one. I am sitting with a full belly because I just had an amazing dinner with the rest of the family. We don't really celebrate Easter in the traditional way but we do feast with big dinners - today as well as tomorrow.

My parents are currently watching a horror film called Mama, thus I am sitting behind the laptop listening to Kerrang! radio whilst chatting with some friends, and playing games (Candy Crush Saga). Why I am not watching the film with my parents? I absolutely do not like horror movies. At all.

I am also reading some literature for school. Yes, literature. While I set myself on starting yesterday with getting ready and maybe even start on my take home exam, which is due on Friday, I was just too tired. So yes... I am attempting to do something today.  You noticed the "attempting" right?

Anyways, that is what I'm doing currently. Since I set myself on making a blogpost every Sunday/weekend this turned out to be a short one. What else can I tell you? I officially had my last regular class last Thursday and after next week - exam week - I only have a project I am enrolled in instead of writing a thesis to complete my bachelor at university. It was kind of weird/sad/funny to see how everyone slowly started to realize in the last class that is was exactly that. The last one. I do hope to run in to some of my classmates which I'm sure I will.

I hope you're having a lovely long weekend
Happy Easter!


Just some thoughts...

This isn't the blogpost I had in mind to write for today so prepare for a mush of thoughts. It might not make sense and that's okay but I felt the need to write/type this down.

For those that do not know, I love music. It is my passion. With this I do not only mean singing out loud, trying to come up with own lyrics/melody, learning songs on my guitar and/or keyboard via YouTube and so on alone. I also love music as in the heart-breaking, super-relating, goosebump feeling, power charging, pouring feels kind of way. The way a piece of music can make me feel is the best feeling. Even if it makes me cry for the sad reasons. It is a let out. When I'm singing along to a song or just sing a song by someone full out, whether alone or with friends, makes me feel so full and empty at the same time. And I know that doesn't seem to make sense but I wouldn't know how else I should describe it. It's putting every bit of me into that piece of music for that moment.

Now this may sound all dramatic and blown up but I know I'm not the only one. And that is a good thing. If something as "simple" as a song can give you this feeling, well... amazing.

The reason that made me want to write this rambling of thoughts, which I typed late last night on my phone, is the sad fact that the band My Chemical Romance announced their split up. The official, short message can be read here and was posted on Friday, March 22. Now I won't say that I am a Killjoy, but I do love their music. Even if this only really happened recently. If I look at when I downloaded their discography, well, this was in May 2012.

It's not like I never heard of them before. I knew some songs before I really got into their music and even back then I sang along. Just like that, and for quite some time now, I have had a huge respect for them. What they mean to people, have done for people through their music, and how much they care, is just amazing. I'm not saying this is the only band that has this connection, it's just something that really struck me, and I'm definitely not the only one judging by all the messages on the interwebs by other people as well as music artists/bands.

Now, people are saying and assuming that it isn't the end for this band. That the message sounded too corporate and too cold. That it is signed "informally" by the band, and not the names of the guys themselves. That it's just a big joke because they were in the process of making a new album. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. Like the rest of us, I just want to say thank you for making the music that you did. And, like many people, I feel very sorry for the Killjoys. A quote which has stand by me since I came across it on Tumblr one time and came across again last night relates to where I started this blogpost with:

"Anyone who understands how standing in a crowd of sweaty people, elbow to elbow, screaming along to the words embedded in your heart, can give you the most happiness ever needed. When you’re shoved against a sea of bodies and you don’t know what sweat actually belongs to you or your neighbor, you can barely breathe and in that moment, your favorite song starts playing and you forget about everything: all you’re concerned with is the melody, rhythm, and beat of the song. All you care about is singing your heart out and knowing it’s okay to love something maybe a little too much as long as it’s real to you." - Gerard Way




Hello! :)

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam with my parents for a full day of fun. My parents bought these "daytrip" tickets for the train a couple weeks ago (with yesterday as the deadline for using them) and I luckily managed to go to a supermarket where they happened to sell the same kind of tickets which you could use between the 11th of March and the 9th of June. Yay! Off to Amsterdam it was...

Since this wasn't something we regularly do, we made the most of out of it which meant going to the capital of the country as well as catching the earliest train as possible. My alarm went off at 05:30 am and it was time to get up because the first train left at 06:53am. After a quite cold train ride, we arrived at the central station of Amsterdam at 09:22 am.

First stop: the watercloset since it was a longish and cold ride. They actually had a hairgel machine in there. I'm not kidding. I have been to Amsterdam a couple times before, so I'm not new to this city or station, but I never noticed the hairgel machine and thought it was really funny.

After this it was time for Starbucks! Since the closest Starbucks near where I live is in Aachen (Germany) whenever I get near a Starbucks it just is one of the things I have to visit. I had a nice warm chai tea latte as well as a slice of Raspberry Cheesecake. Going all out!

Whilst walking along the Damrak (street) full of souvernir shops, this shop stood out. "Options!" is a contemporary design department store full with stylish and cute items including stationary and toys/clothing for kids. I will definitely visit this store again whether this is for its freshness and uniqueness or just to look and buy one of the nifty things they have there.

We went all the way to the Rembrandtplein which was cool to see:

And after that we headed back towards the Dam whilst strolling through nearby streets and going into small shops and cafes. I also went to American Apparel for the first time and it wasn't what I expected. It was a clothing shop filled with bright colours and it kind of reminded me of the clothing dancers would wear in the film Fame.

                                                          We came across some cool graffiti:

Jup, that's my mom!

As we strolled and explored on we were slowly back in the city or central shopping area. Among visiting shops like NewYorker, H&M etc. we also went to River Island, the FAME, and the American Book Center which are usual highlights for me when visiting Amsterdam.

Things I bought:

Vices & Virtues by Panic! At The Disco and Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park

At the American Book Center they, unfortunately, didn't have any of the magazines that I wanted to buy, but it was cool to go through the floors and look at all the books that they sell and have. One of the cafes we visited was an Irish pub called O'Reilly's and it was really crowded, which was surprising, but this was because there was a rugby match on. I kind of regret that we didn't go to Amsterdam today since it's St. Patrick's Day. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Entering the Leidsestraat, we bumped into Eichholtz. This store sells a great amount of American and British products, especially sweets (which I love). Here's what I ended up with:

Also, I finally went to Brandy & Melville! I have wanted to go to this shop for quite some time now after seeing stuff of it online. My sister went to Amsterdam some time ago and she also went to Brandy & Melville and told me that it was a store that sold clothing etc. that was totally me. And it did. Stupid me, being a bit "overwhelmed" or just loving the collection, I ended up buying nothing. There was too much choice and I didn't want to keep my parents waiting whilst deciding what to get. Hopefully, I'll return soon to Amsterdam because I want something from that shop. The thing that striked me the most was that there was only one size. Each item also has on its label "one size fits all" which is a rather new concept for a store like that (as far as I know).

After a nice full day of drinking, eating, sightseeing, and shopping it was time to head back home to which we arrived around 08:30 pm. My parents were pretty tired, and I was okay. At least I thought I was, because today I ended up waking at 11:45 am. I haven't overslept this long in a very long time.




It's almost that time again for... Pinkpop! This year the Dutch music festival will be held on June 14, 15 and 16 at, as usual, Megaland in Landgraaf. Wednesday February, 20 was the official press conference for the line-up which consisted of:
  • Friday, June 14: The Killers, The Script, Paramore, Handsome Poets, Queens of the Stone Age, Jimmy Eat World, Masters of Reality, Netsky Live, Kodaline, Andy Burrows, and Christopher Green.
  • Saturday, Jun 15: Kings of Leon, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Opposites, Passenger, Phoenix, The Gaslight Anthem, Fun., Douwe Bob, C2C, Ellie Goulding, Miles Kane, and Graveyard with more to follow.
  • Sunday, June 16: Green Day, Ben Howard, The Vaccines, Kensington, Triggerfinger, Stereophonics, Blaudzun, Tom Odell, Alt-J, Die Antwoord, Lianne La Havas, and Grouplove with more to follow.
Pinkpop is one if not THE biggest event I look out for every year. This year will be the fifth time I actually go to the festival. One time I went to a nearby hill where you could hear the music and see the festival grounds from afar with a couple of my friends. But most of the time I saw it in magazines, newspapers, tv and heard it on the radio. So yeah, as you can tell I'm pretty stoked! And, as you probably have guessed, I have already bought my ticket:

It's so colourful!

Out of this line-up, the bands I really really want to see are Paramore, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jimmy Eat World, and Phoenix. Even though I have seen Thirty Seconds to Mars a couple years ago at Pinkpop, I am excited about their upcoming album and had a great experience the last time with regards to the show as well as the audience. The other three bands are bands I haven't seen yet, and especially Paramore has been on my list of bands I want to see for a great amount of years.

Who would you really really want to see from this line-up? Any festivals you are going to this year? Let me know in the comments down below!



Carnaval 2013: My outfits

Hi there!
I hope everything is going well. After a short break it was time to get back to student life. I am enjoying the courses I am enrolled in at the moment, although this did mean getting up early which I wasn't used to anymore. I usually had classes that started at 4 o'clock instead of 11 am or 08:30 am. My last blogpost was about Carnival, or Carnaval as it is written in Dutch, but somehow I forgot to include the pictures of my outfits. *lightbulb* Tadaaa! A new blogpost has been made.

This year, I only celebrated Carnival for two days and because I loved my outfit of last year so much, and because I didn't have that much inspiration, I went for the same ensemble again. I love the gothic/circus pierrot or just that feel if that even is a a right way for describing what I mean. To give you my ultimate inspiration, check out Misty Circus by Victoria Franc├ęs. I bought a big poster of  Misty Circus a couple of years ago because I just had to have it.

Anyways, here is my "adaptation" of the pierrot:

As you can see I went for the whole black and white stripe outfit and paired it up with a "circus boss" jacket since you never know how warm or cold it is going to be. As for my make up and hair:

I tried to make myself as pale as possible without using paint and applied and alligned dramatic false lashes to the outer parts of my eyes. I paired this look with a bright lip and put a generous amount of pink blush to the apples of my cheeks to create a doll-like effect. As for my hair, I curled it with my straightener in random directions and sections whilst making sure everything was as voluminous as it could be. 

I wore this outfit at night on both days. However, since I was going to Merkelbeek to see the parade on Sunday, I paired my outfit up with another, more warmer, outfit.

My mom made this custome several years ago and I still wear it every chance I get. The combination of red, black, and white are one of my favorite "colour" combinations and I love all the intricate details of this female pirate custome. As said before, I am wearing my striped black and white outfit underneath it which neatly fitted underneath the custome and paired it up with a different set of gloves and a pair of earrings.

Believe it or not, but I didn't curl my hair again. I brushed it out the night before and went to bed, and when I woke up it looked like this. If only I could have this wavy awesome hair every day. So, I pushed it to one side and fixed it in place with a few bobby pins. My make up was what I normally would do, except I added false lashes to the top, defined my brows and added a lot more bronzer to my face. 

So here you have it, my Carnival outfits of this year. Can't wait until next year!